Laser Procedures


  • (PBM) The therapeutic window of lasers that improves circulation, oxygenation, and enzyme activity which promotes healing and disinfects wound sites.  The benefits of photobiomodulation include pain relief, improved blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, decreased inflammation, faster healing and improved cellular function
  • Beneficial for areas such as the TMJ complex (Temporalis, Masseter, SCM, and the TM joint itself), reduction of gag reflexes, dry mouth, sinus issues, lichen planus reduction, herpetic lesions and aphthous ulcers (see more below)

Laser Bacterial Reduction

  • a great adjunct to your dental hygiene visit.  Laser bacterial reduction during your dental cleaning kills off bacteria in the dental sulcus (the space between your gums and teeth) resulting in much healthier gums and teeth.  Our dental hygienist are licensed and trained to provide this service at your request.

Tooth Desensitization

  • Have sensitive teeth?  Has Sensodyne not completely erased your sensitivity to cold or hot foods and drinks?  Laser tooth desensitization is for you! Painless and quick, laser desensitization reduces and eliminates tooth sensitivity by physically blocking the tiny tubules in your teeth which cause sensitivity.


  • a procedure in which that gummy attachment under your tongue or upper lip is trimmed to allow better movement or for esthetics; Our dental laser can achieve this with minimal discomfort and accelerated healing.

Gingivectomies and Gingivoplasty

  • sometimes patients want less of their gums (gingiva) to show when they smile; other times an excess of gingiva behind a back tooth can lead to food impaction and irritation; in both cases, laser gingiva reduction or removal can help.

Herpetic Lesions and Canker Sores

  • utilizing photobiomodulation as mentioned above, our laser can speed heal time and minimize the amount of time a cold sore is visible 

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